Can you imagine a world without elephants – could be reality in 20 years tome… please don’t let it happen.

The Phraser

Elephants together in the wild A newborn of the Kenyan Mountains family crosses the Ewaso Ngiro River, sheltered under the legs of family members. Samburu National Reserve, Kenya, 2007 from Earth to Sky, photographs by Michael Nichols (Aperture, 2013)
Copyright © Michael Nichols, National Geographic

Elephants are with many of us from our earliest story times.  We know they’re strange and wondrous, we sculpt them and paint them until our fingers are sore, but perhaps we’ve forgotten they’re real.

Perhaps it’s too easy to ignore their intelligence, their compassion and love of family. Perhaps we’ve chosen to forget their vast memories, huge strength and deliberate gentleness – all qualities we admire.  It’s easier to forget …

Or is it?  The research and the science are now increasingly insistent that the wild-born African elephant should be protected from the traumas of indiscriminate massacre and that it should never be sold into isolated captivity.

This short piece…

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